Is SEO Hosting a Bad idea

Although, before creating a website, is important to learn how search engines use algorithms, webmasters also need to know what phoenix SEO expert hosting methods are unethical. Major consequences await those who try dishonest SEO methods: You may get caught using linking schemesif the IP blocks you are using contain shady websitesor get caught using other corrupt SEO methods not mentioned in the article. Do not fall into the trap of using these methods to get quick results. If you want to know how others get higher rankings on the search engines, refer to the methods below to help you improve your rankings.

Why Having Too Many Domains Is Not a Good SEO Method

The one thing you probably know about SEO methods is that search engines award higher rankings to websites with respectable linking networks however, linking networks become a problem when a webmaster decides to buy too many domains with the intention to create fake websites with too many links linking back to specific websites. This method never gives permanent results because search engines especially Google will look at the IP addresses where a website is hosted on, and know if all the domains have unique IP addresses. If IP addresses are not unique, search engines will decide if a website, along with the other fake websites, is sending out spam.

SEO Web Hosting Methods That Are Extremely Risky

Some SEO consultants dont recommend using an SEO host company to host a website because theres a chance that Google will decrease the rankings of any website. Nonetheless, if you choose to use an SEO host company, theres nothing risky about the methods being offered by these companies for the following reason: These companies offer the best SEO web hosting method, which is having too many domains with unique IP addresses.

Looking carefully at the common errors that can occur when a webmaster is trying to get his or her website listed on the search engines, you will find that the number one error some webmasters make is to think that search engines will penalized their website if they use fake websites websites with unique IP addresses to create fake linking networks. While is true that a linking scheme will hurt your rankings, if you have a unique IP address, search engines will not find out if all the websites linking to your specific website belong to you. However, there are times when this method makes SEO risky.